Ribbon UI is implemented using Odyssey library controls. The library source code is added to the project itself, so it's not needed to find the assembly over the Internet and register it on the development system.

Version one (derivating fully from Silverlight Ribbon by Simon Matthews)

Please visit Silverlight Ribbon codeplex website http://silverlightribbon.codeplex.com as a reference for version one
  • Main ribbon. It's 80% working_
    • Still not correctly postion itself. No Office Menu image can be loaded. Dependency Property some time simply won't work. Title cannot be set by this time.
  • Tabs. Seems 100% working
    • Menu header visible, tab visible.
  • TabGroups. Not working
    • The tabgroup won't show up, dependency properties won't work.
  • UI Controls (Buttons, Label, ecc...). Not working
    • No one is visible. Why?

Version two (derivating in part from Silverlight Ribbon, but mostly rewritten specifically for WPF Framework)

  • Main Ribbon. Seems 99% Working.
    • Office Button image is working, as it was rewritten as a standalone control. The property can be accessed via XAML. The Ribbon is now not a control, but a Window itself. The control correctly positionate as the main menu of the window. The title can be set. No theme support by now. The Window can contain now all the other Framework controls in the ribbon client area. It's working like a standard window.
  • Office Button. 50% Working.
    • Now it's a fully rewritten standalone control. It has now support for the Office Image ribbon and for Enter/Leave events. Still not Main Menu support by now.
  • Tabs. Not implemented
  • TabGroups. Not implemented
  • UI Controls. Not implemented

I want to thanks Simon Matthews for his source code, has without his ideas and control templates we probably cannot made this.

Version three (adopted Odyssey library)

Even if implement our RibbonUI was pleasant, rediscover the wheel is not what we want to do. I've found Odyssey library today, so I've used it immediatly.

You can found Odyssey library at http://www.codeplex.com/odyssey

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