By now, we're moving to achieve these features:

Milestone 1 (Current)

  • Chat OperationContracts using WCF. First chat application that works. Chat system will use no scripts in chat messages. N-Clients session available. 100% Done
  • Campaign editor. 10% Done
  • File formats definition (Maps, Campaigns, Players, Clients). 10% Done

Milestone 2

  • Show the current Map (selected by the GM) during game session. Possibility to measure space from one object to another using map grid.
  • PC/NPC Miniature management (show, move).

Milestone 3

  • Possibility for the Master to cover squares of the map, or show them to the players.
  • Automatic calculation of the state of a creature on the map (cover, types of terrains, etc) and show it on the miniature.

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