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TableTop .NET is built as an aid to people who play role playing games, as it acts as a Game Master Screen for local plays, and as a chat and remote table for grous that cannot play on a real table all the times. It's developed in C# using .NET Framework 3.5, WPF and WCF.

As TableTop .NET cannot implement itself specific role-playing guides, specific addon system was provided to allow write game specific behaviors. The interface is planned to be used also by touch-screen driven devices as much as possible.

Software prerequisites

TableTop .NET have the following prerequisites:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4

The software is compatible with x64 and x86 architectures.
MONO was not supported as it not allow .NET Framework 4 applications to run. Also, large use of WPF prevents this software to run over Unix systems without specific emulation.

Feel free to send advices and implementation requests, as they will be discussed and implemented as possible


We will appreciate donations to make this software grows and continue to develop. If you like this work and want to help improve it, feel free to donate at this link:

Paypal donation

Really thanks.

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